BP2 Collba & Popplet


Why Collba?

As my Action Research is based on communication, I was looking for tools in order to help a team collaborate virtually that allowed them to use multiple intelligences while communicating ideas, projects, deadlines, etc. Collba peaked my interest as it seemed user-friendly, incorporated several different applications and made conferencing seem easy.

Collba is designed as a real-time chat based format for teams.  The application is for free and can be used for any type of team collaboration.  Teammates can chat in private rooms, online, in a conference area etc. Some of the capabilities available are the availability to share in real-time:

  • files
  • links
  • code snippets

There is also a search engine in which you can search the history of chats to review what was said by whom.  This clarifies communication and helps when things get lost in the excitement of collaborating and bringing home the goals and deadlines.


Collba integrates with favorite and commonly used applications. You can get immediate notifications from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn that enter right into your chat room and talk them out with your teammates.  Some of the applications integrated with Collba are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Survey Monkey
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • and many others


You can video conference within the system without having to utilize an outside source such as Skype.  This is available for teammates as well as clients you would like to discuss things with.


As much as I like the idea of this application, when I signed up the company sent an email stating they aren’t taking any new sign ups at the moment and will let me know when it is available once again. Unfortunately, due to this, I was unable to play within the program and create a sample project.

My search continues……hence….


Why Popplet?

Popplet is an application for ideas and brainstorming.  It is also a free resource and application available online with use with iPad, iPhone and iPod in a “lite” version.  However, you can only have 5 popplets on your account at one time with the free version.  These can be deleted to create more but once exported/deleted they must be recreated and no other changes can be made to an existing one.  They offer a full program for unlimited popplets at $30 per year or $3 per month, which you can cancel at anytime.

They were also named as the best web tool for collaborating and brainstorming by the American Association of School Librarians.

With Popplet you can

  1. Record thoughts in a mind mapping activity or through comments
  2. Explore ideas by brainstorming with one another
  3. Collaborate together by sharing the popplet through the application
  4. Collect inspiration through images, notes, videos
  5. Create galleries of images

Popplet blog 

The Popplet blog is available for more information, resources, to post your created popplets and to give ideas.  This seems to be an invaluable resource as there are sections on questions asked by previous users as well as new tools and shortcuts to give a better understanding of the application.

Think Visually

  1. Mind Mapping – your concepts can be formed visually in an outline or storyboard
  2. Store research – this application brings together mind map software and note taking software together in one application.  No need to go back and forth.
  3. Get feedback and consultation – you can share the link to your Popplet and have clients and members outside of your team review and edit without needing an account.  While they cannot make changes, they can give you feedback on your direction and ideas thus far.
  4. Collaboration – as a team, you can creatively share the popplet with specified users on the account who can then edit, add, comment, etc.
  5. Presentation – your presentation can be exhibited in two forms:
    • a full-page mode in which it shows your popplet in its entirety (please see below)

    • or through an animation which flows through the popplet(s) in sequential order to show the development of a storyboard or workflow process.  Images and videos can be added to your Popplet to create a multimedia presentation.  Presentation Popplet view 

I enjoyed using the Popplet and can see it as a creative collaborative tool.  There is a learning curve involved however it is relatively easy to use.  As I become more familiar with the program, it may be something I can use in developing team brainstorming and goals.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Have fun!!♥

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