BP1 Communicate With Me

Here is the first blog and wow, what a fantastic journey to embark on.  I hope that you will find the ongoing conversation enlightening, rewarding, and at times down right funny! Communication is essential in getting points across, messages (in all forms) delivered and a great way to build community.

I will be looking into several different Web 2.0 Tools and some interactive software to see how I can enhance communication within my Youth Group.  I have checked out Asana which is free online-only task management and project management application. You can manage multiple groups and projects within the program. It can support up to 30 people within a group for collaborative work. With each task you can assign individuals and expected due dates.

The other software, which is also for free, is Aviary which is a collaborative design suite. Below is a demostration video I found on Educator Studio powered by Full Sail University.

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