August/September ETC Timeline

Critical Friends

My critical friends will be my friends, former colleagues, my team Google Groupies and the Assistant Rector at my church.  These wonderful people will keep me on track with what needs to be accomplished, help fine tune the voice and research I am conducting, making it easier to follow and provide feedback as needed in direction, accountability and suggestions should I run into some unforeseen difficulties.

My initial Inquiry Questions are:

  1. By utilizing online collaborative and brainstorming software, would members of the youth group become more active and involved in the group, invite others and therefore accomplish more things?
  2. With the use of a project management tool, such as Asana would, communication increase and tasks be accomplished by the individuals (youth and parents) who signed up for them by deadline?
  3. Through the use of technology (software, social networking, daily/weekly email, text messages, polling and conferencing) would communication be better effected throughout the youth group, it participants, parents and stakeholders to set about accomplishing goals and tasks?

In reviewing the timeline below, taking into account FSU Winter Break, the implementation of the Cycle 1 would begin no later than December 6th depending on the Youth Group calendar schedule.

*The 12 month calendar based on Action Research Project

Initial Hurdles

  • I am currently unemployed and therefore my time is open to meeting and communicating with the group, however should I become employed and dependant on the hours given, my availability may not match with theirs.
  • The Youth group meets on Wednesday evenings but participants are also inclined to be in Sunday School, in which I would interact with them there.
  • With children and parents leading busy lives, having the membership stay consistent will be a hurdle.
  • During holiday breaks, the school system here in Lee County, FL begins their break with half days December 18-20. Full Winter Break is from 12/23/12 – 1/4/13.  Different participants and parents may be away, and youth group may take a break during the holidays.
  • Some of the events planned with the youth group may outrun the Action Research and conclusion on project(s) completion goals may be unavailable for publishing.

One thought on “August/September ETC Timeline

  1. Great choice of critical friends! Critical Friends are selected to question your purpose of your action and to evaluate your outcomes. They will provide you with an unbiased view, critic your interpretations, and discuss and help analyze your data. They can be comprised of classmates, peers from your work environment, and others who can give you a critical perspective of your project cycles throughout the year. Excellent timeline! You are developing your action plan proposal in month 5, which is quite intense. Expect changes and revisions to happen as you go through the proposal process and fine tune your implementation plans. Cycle implementation usually occurs between months 6-8. The purpose of your projected timeline is to map out the entire year in the program and compare it to your environment and the calendar year. Projecting when you will complete the cycles and if there are any potential hurdles to work on is very helpful to stay on target. Your projected timeline will be very helpful as you move forward. Your inquiry questions are very relevant to your solution. You may refine them as you develop your action plan in month 5. Your target audience can change for each cycle but you can only work with one group at a time. Great Responses!!


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