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Upon embarking on my Masters in Education Media Design and Technology, we as a class, were asked of a problem we are experiencing and if we could do something to change that problem, within our control, what would it be.  A problem I see overwhelmingly in many organizations, educational and professional, is the lack of effective and efficient communication.  I have decided for my CapStone Project to utilize technology to create better communication, team building, team development and formation.  This would include training and cross functional activities within organizations to build better communication.

Having worked in many professional industries, with my latest being in the post-secondary educational arena, I noticed that communication between team members and departments was substantially lacking.  Projects were delayed or halted due to lack of effective and precise communication.  Individuals were reactionary to requests asked of them and there was no substantial “buy-in” to an outlined goal or project.  Overall, those who were affected were the students we professed to give the highest quality education for their money.

Communication is something I am quite passionate about.  Even within my own home, I am trying to create a better flow of positive, reciprocated communication.  I want my target audience to feel that they are heard, goals are set and agreed upon within all participants and they can come together and create effective ways to accomplish whatever is set out before them.  Effective communication is a powerful motivator and is quite under utilized.

In defining my target audience, I have approached 2 groups of individuals: 1) former colleagues from existing organizations.  They do not necessarily have to work within the same organization, but would have similar goals such as maintaining effective communication to accomplish the mission and goals set out before them; 2) The youth group and parents of my church.  There are many activities planned in which the youth and parents would like to have, however due to lack of communication and team building, many of these events are put to the wayside or completely abandoned due to the lack of resources and involvement.

In dealing with team development and training, I have found numerous resources.  As I have yet to formalize my target audience (dependent on a meeting to occur in the near future; updates to follow), looking for resources is not really an issue.  Where I am finding some difficulty is the narrowing down of the scope of this action research.  I am finding that the more information I am able to gather, the better I am prepared in finding a direction.

I am looking forward to the upcoming assignments and action research to see if my passion can be turned into something useful and expanded into my target audience with an improved set of communication skills which help accomplished established goals and missions.

5 thoughts on “My First Blog – Action Research

  1. Jennifer Tuttle
    Submitted on 2012/08/12 at 3:59 am
    You have a great idea in the works here. I know I greatly appreciate your communication skills when working in a group. You lead by example. So I know this project will be amazing when complete.


  2. sharonbwilson
    Submitted on 2012/08/14 at 7:24 pm
    In respect to the problem you are seeing in various organizations is very similar to the experience I have in the public school system as a substitute teacher. You mention the lack of communication. Ironic that is a key point I highlighted in my post prior to reading your information. Of course, if the communication is a tremendous problem with the teams and staff it leaves the students and substitute teachers with a feeling of not getting full support. Simply, once approaches are implemented to open up communication then it is highly possible the resources and involvement will be available to accomplish more goals. Otherwise, right now without communication there is no way for most individuals to know which goals or projects to address in the right order of things. Thanks.


  3. rcdeleon
    Submitted on 2012/08/16 at 1:40 am
    You have clearly defined a very global problem that exists in all environments to some degree. Which group will you be working with? As clear as your problem is, your solution should also be very clear. What technology will you be using to make this improvement? You are on the right track for your Capstone project. The research should support and validate what you are trying to achieve. Well Done!


  4. angelichin
    Submitted on 2012/08/19 at 9:35 pm | In reply to rcdeleon.
    I am meeting with the Assistant Rector on Monday to clarify if the youth group will be available. I have a feeling this will be a group that is readily available more so than my former colleagues as many of them have changed schools and schedules are constantly changing. I will keep you updated.


  5. Month 6- Excellent responses and visuals you are on track and ADDIE has provided the blue print. You have done a great job defining your foundation and direction of your project. Both cycles must be completed by the end of month 8. In month 9 week 1, the results of cycle 1 will be reported and in month 10 week 1, the results of cycle 2. You want to give yourself time to reflect and evaluate what happened during each cycle.


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