Employed Again!!


As with anything, change is always inevitable and needed.  After several months of diligently searching I was able to procure employment (YEAH!).  The greatest part of my new position (Marketing Director) is within a company that is a fine example of what communication within an organization should be.

  1. Open
  2. Collaborative
  3. Changing/Evolving
  4. Open to change
  5. Team and Individually based
  6. Complete “buy-in” on projects

I am fortunate to have found and been found in this organization.  Connie Ramos-Williams, the owner and CEO of the company, has created a culture that is warm and inviting.  As earlier discussed, she leaves the PC (people crap) at the door and opens her listening skills and is able to communicate what is needed, why it is important, and offers suggestions to how to get things accomplished.

I feel fortunate to work with CONRIC PR & Marketing | Publishing