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We are extremely passionate about effective communication and how it could change how we are able to work, love, play and change the world.  With the use of technology, these tools can be utilized to make communication clearer, more concise and effective.

Communication is the first start to relationship building and we at Masterful Communications, LLC are helping you build relationships with your clients, customers and business partners. Communication is something we are quite passionate about.


Angeli Chin, CEO

Angeli Chin, CEO/President has a stellar track record as an award winning strategic public relations, communication and marketing professional.   We at Masterful Communications, LLC  seek to create integrated strategies to develop new/existing client initiatives, event/brand/product evolution, client participation, as well as media endorsement. With the use of traditional integrated content and social media, we have been integral to award winning campaigns. We are skilled copywriters and editors and have worked on diverse marketing and communications materials including video scripts, flyers, direct mail, social media, etc. With the use of traditional and digital, social and interactive media, storytelling runs through our veins.

Let us help you solidify your advertising and marketing strategy, refine your corporate identity, and bring you from obscurity into mainstream brand recognition.

Highlight of Concentrations

  • Digital marketing, social networking, graphics design, advertising, branding, promotion, bespoke communication and public relations.
  • Brand development, public marketing, interactive media, publications and advertising revenue.
  • Planning, development and implementation of all strategic public relations and marketing strategies, marketing communication, and public relations activities, both internal and external.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of all support materials in the area of marketing, communication, public relations, graphic design, project implementation and advertising.
  • Coordination all activities at the strategic and tactical levels.

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