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Introduction to my submission:

Communication is something I am quite passionate about.   A problem I saw overwhelmingly in many organizations, educational and professional, was the lack of effective and efficient communication. I noticed that communication between team members and departments was substantially lacking.  Projects have been delayed or halted due to lack of effective and precise communication.  Individuals were reactionary to requests asked of them and there was no substantial “buy-in” to an outlined goal or project.  The purpose of my action research was to create better communication through team building, team development and formation utilizing technology. I began by asking what would happen if teams and organizations began to have clearer and more focused communication through the use of technological advancements, would their end goals and results be better achieved?

I am looking at submitting this paper to ISTE’s Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education (formerly the Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, JCTE) under Theoretical: What thoughts, insights, or principles can be presented as a theoretical basis for practical applications in teacher education programs with regard to computers and technology in education?


Link to project: Utilizing Technology to Enhance Communication and Collaboration

Week 2: Leadership Post – Decision is made

Week 1: Leadership Post – Present or Publish

One thought on “Leadership Hub

  1. Wonderful project idea and collaborative implementation. One minor cosmetic suggestion: the header “Conclusion” at the end of the Literature Review section should be changed to “Literature Review Conclusion” thus designating that this is not the end of the paper. Great job.


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