Top 7 Best Ingredients in Dog Food

Look for the Best Ingredients in Dog Food

Dogs are an essential and lovable member of most families. If you love your dog, it’s a no-brainer that you would want it to have the best of everything in life. Some of us see this in the form of boundary safety, exercise, love, and good food. Good food is one of the obvious things that we would like our beloved pets to have. We must be careful though. Unlike humans, dogs have different biology driven nutritional requirements. These requirements may or may not be satisfied with the food we give them. Be careful not to get caught up with the key trends people use when providing their pets with meals. Instead, we should first understand the requirements of canines and use proper ingredients to make their food. Firstly, let’s look at the difference between the diet regimes of humans and dogs.

People are concerned about things such as whole grain food, low-fat ingredients, weight loss options and organic food. In contrast, dogs require food that is high in proteins, healthy levels of animal fat, elevated levels of EPA/DHA, high level of moisture content, starchy food such as potatoes, no grains and fresh cuts of vegetables. It is evident that the nutritional requirements of a dog are entirely different from us and we must take care not to prepare food for the dogs in the same way we make food for humans. In this article let’s look at the best ingredients we can use to make meals for our doggies. Use these ingredients when you make meals and check for the availabilities of these ingredients if you are buying pet food for your dog.


Eggs as an ingredient in dog food

An excellent source of protein for dogs is eggs. You can use eggs in many forms ranging from raw eggs to boiled eggs when making dog food meals and as ingredients in processed dog food. Do not worry about the number of eggs used because unlike humans, dogs require a lot of protein and eggs, being an excellent source of protein, can deliver that.



Fish Oil and Fish, Meat

Fish is a great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Raw fish can be cooked or boiled for great results. You may even do some frying with it. Dog food containing fish and or fish oil is considered ideal for dogs and should be the first ingredient to look for when stocking up those dog food products.




Dogs benefit a lot from eating fruits. In the early days, hunting dogs digested fruits that were inside the stomachs of their captured prey. Make sure to add different types of fruits such as apples, blueberries, mango and jackfruits as an occasional diet in your dog’s food as they are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins. Look for dried fruit as ingredients in dog food products when selecting dog food.




It is a no-brainer. Meat is the best source of protein for a dog. Go for the best cuts of meat such as beef, chicken, turkey and if you can, even expensive ones such as lamb and goat. Any meat we humans eat works well with dogs as well. Preparation is easy when it comes to meat cuts. You can boil the meat or chicken with other vegetables, cook the meat or even fry them in good none-fatty oil. We do not have to fuss a lot with the fattiness when feeding dogs healthy meat products. Dogs require fatty oil, but it’s better to keep an eye on the fat content and make sure it does not go overboard. When looking for processed dog food, meat should be in the number one position of the list or at lease top three. It is better to go for dog food that states the meat outright with at least a percentage of the flesh ratio included and avoid shady ingredient lists that do not specify the type of meat involved. Excellent quality meat should make up more than half of the diet given to your dog.



Whole Grain Rice and White Rice

A splendid source of fiber for your dog, rice and whole grain rice can be cooked and mixed with all other ingredients mentioned above to prepare a healthy complete meal for that hungry furry friend. Rice can be used as the staple ingredient along with the meat and vegetables. It will act as the ingredient that combines all the other ingredients together. Take care not to use bran or flour though as it diminishes the quality of the fiber in the ingredient. Having rice as an ingredient in your pet food is an extra reason as to why you should buy that brand of dog food.

Sweet Potatoes


Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are a good source of carbs for your dog. You must be careful when working with potatoes. Make sure that wads of potatoes do not offset the meat content in the dog’s meal. Look for small amounts of potatoes as an ingredient in dog food products and that it does not make most of the content percentage in the product. Boiled potatoes are also a tasty treat for your doggy.




Another good source of starch and carbs to include in your dog’s diet are peas.   Peas also contain omega three fatty acids. So, it acts as an all-rounder when providing nutrition. If dog food products include peas, it’s a good reason to select that product.

There you have it: some of the best ingredients for dog food. Make sure that you choose these ingredients when making meals for your dog. If you are opting for processed dog food, then check the list of contents to see if these ingredients are available in them. In addition to including these products in your dog’s meals, make sure that you avoid all the harmful ingredients that are not safe for dogs as well. Provide an excellent, well-balanced diet for your lovable canine, and it will live happily and healthy throughout its lifetime.

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