The Freedom and Virtue Institute Gains Marketing Consultant

Founder and Executive Director Ismael Hernandez is pleased to welcome Angeli Chin of Masterful Communications, LLC to The Freedom and Virtue Institute (FVI) family. Ms. Chin will initiate, develop, and execute marketing strategies and tactics related to public relations, database and business development and management, external and internal communications, fundraising, press relations, website updates and events.


Ms. Chin has a diverse background in graphic design, interactive media, project management and marketing. She has earned several degrees from New York University, and Southwest Florida College including Graphic Design, Computer Animation and Multimedia, Marketing and Management. She earned a Master of Science degree in Education Media Design and Technology at Full Sail University. Angeli Chin has served on committees for various charitable and industry organizations such as La Leche League (international presenter, mentor and Leader), Gay Men’s Health Crisis, March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society, PACE Center for Girls, using her expertise as a Public Relations, Marketing, and Media Professional to help these groups grow and shine within the community. She is the founder of the Zumbathon fundraising event for Relay for Life Fort.

Currently, Ms. Chin serves on the Advisory Board for The Salvation Army, also serving as Chair of the Community Relations Development Board and a member of the Program committee. In addition to her work with The Salvation Army, Ms. Chin is a founding board member of the Southwest Florida Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, as well as a past speaker and mentor for Dress for Success Southwest Florida and Goodwill’s Microenterprise Institute.

“FVI in honored to have someone of such varied and developed skills come aboard to help us grow to the next level”, states Ismael Hernandez, Executive Director of the Institute. Started in 2009, The Freedom and Virtue Institute strives to educate citizens on America’s founding principles of limited government and individual freedom and to uphold the ideas of human dignity and personal responsibility that result from having free will. FVI brings opportunities into the local community for citizens to learn, discuss and implement our causes.

“After meeting with Mr. Hernandez and learning more about FVI and what it is accomplishing in our local communities, I knew I had to become part of a world changing organization”, shared Chin.

About The Freedom and Virtue Institute

The Freedom & Virtue Institute believes in fostering attitudes and leading initiatives that build off the principle of creating self-reliance among underprivileged children and individuals enduring hardship that wish to better their situations and live a dignified, self-sustainable life. Presently, the Freedom & Virtue Institute conducts two unique causes: The Self-Reliance Clubs and the Effective Compassion Training programs. In pursuing our goals, the institute does not support/endorse any specific political party or candidates, but instead looks at the “big picture” and the role of government in our society. We believe human freedom and private initiative in local communities are the best instruments to create lasting positive change in our society.

About The Self-Reliance Clubs

The Self-Reliance Clubs exist to educate the next generation to understand that they are the champions of their own lives. Through their own initiative, ingenuity, and hard work, they will realize that they have the power to determine the direction of their future.

Self-Reliance Clubs are set up in schools to provide under-privileged students with the opportunity to work in various entrepreneurship initiatives, learn economics, earn money, and gain self-esteem and a sense of individual freedom.  The ‘money’ earned can then be used to purchase school supplies, equipment, and clothing.

About Effective Compassion Training

The Freedom & Virtue Institute’s Effective Compassion Training program is designed to offer a detailed exploration of the realities of poverty and to equip participants with practical and meaningful tools to address these struggles.

At the Freedom & Virtue Institute, individuals and organizations are shown the impact of their actions on their local communities, with the ultimate goal of bringing change in the internal culture of organizations participating in poverty-alleviation work. For more information on how you can help, visit or call (239) 240-9393.

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