Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Their WIVES at Dinner. A Play in front of Union Station DC 11/01/16

It is no secret that men do not like to ask for directions.  But a map might get them there on time.  DC is when viewed on a map a city that seems hard to get around.  But on close inspection the streets are laid out in a grid with numbered and lettered streets laid out in proper order.  There are also Avenues with the names of States that run diagonal starting at circles and squares throughout the city.  You’d have to know where they are if you want to use them for navigation.  But it is easy walking around the city as a  grid.

The Capitol Building is the center of it all.  Just North of the Capitol is Union Station.  In front of it is a plaza that will serve as a back drop for Gregory GOrDon’s new performance piece: Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and their wives at dinner.  The topic at the table turns to adultery.  Hillary feels under the gun.  But Donald’s own adultery was so blatant that it could not be ignored.  Three Wives?

Jesus would not be pleased.  In the book of Matthew makes it clear that whoever gets divorced and then remarries is commiting adultery.  Then too the book of Revelation makes it clear the the 144,000 who are the “first chosen of the Lord,” have never had relations with women.  The same is not said of having had relations with men although that subject is prominent in the Apostle Paul’s writing.

“They are without fault before the Lord.”

“I’m just going to do what I always do, go live and uninterrupted.” says GOrDon.  “Ideally, the roles would be played by the actual people involved.” He adds.

The goal would be to rasise funds for the homeless in DC of which GOrDon is one.  I’d love to serve a Pre-Election Feast for the Homeless and hand out jackets and gloves and boots in time for the winter.  I chose “All Saints Day” because it is just after Halloween.

“I don’t know about the whole charity aspect of things. But the show will go on.”

The event starts at noon on Tuesday November 1st 2016 at the Throne in front of Union Station in Washington DC.  Catch the morning Acela from New York and be back home in time for bed.

For more information see:

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