Hope for the next generation of business?

Online start-up, Elephant Stripes, is revolutionising women’s travel style, selling an amazing range of custom designed travel products in inspiring designs. Launched this year by two young female entrepreneurs, Francesca Logan and Jordan Abrahams, both 23, the brand has been an instant hit selling into 18 different countries and raising $25,000 through Kickstarter in just 35 days! Building charitable aspects into their business is a key goal for the girls; the company is partially owned by a charitable foundation and they have already designed and gifted over 120 school bags to children in need. If this is the new generation of business, doing well by doing good we have a lot to look forward to.

The hardworking generation Y ladies are ahead of their kickstarter schedule having already shipped the pre-orders. The innovative and stylish travel packs will be arriving into the hands of eager travellers in over 18 different countries over the next few weeks. In the beggining the young Elephant Stripes founders sat down to design from scratch the products they had dreamt of having whilst traveling; quality, stylish and with clever fuctions tucked into almost every seam. Next they began tripping around the globe to secure funding, supplies and manufacturers then began the many months testing and trialing over 15 different versions of the travel packs to arrive at the amazing range of products they now provide.

But perhaps the most important part of the business is the charitable aspects that the young women have woven into their business. A major goal for both of them being to use business as a force for good. The company itself is owned in part by a charity the girls set up called ‘The Ashla-Maia Foundation’ as a way of funnelling a good chunk of any profits from the business into a fund for philanthropic work. Part of the Kickstarter campaign was “Buy One, Give One” a Bag for Bag campaign that saw 1 school bag gifted to a child in need for every travel pack that was sold. Through this over 120 school bags were created, custom designed and manufactured and then delivered in person to the chosen charity by Jordan and Francesca in September 2016, below is their personal account.

elephantstripes-happy-copyOn the last day we flew back to Bali, jumped in a taxi and headed off to Ubud to visit the Bali Children’s Project, along the way we stopped to pick up 5 huge boxes of school bags that had already been sent from the factory. The charity had gathered around 25 children to receive their bags from us in person; we wanted to do a little something extra for those children so we purchased personally, and with a kind donation from Kate Dillon many school supplies and gifts. During the 2 hour drive from Denpasar to Tegallalang the 2 of us sat in the back of the van with our santa sack full of stationery, books and toys and distributed the gifts across 25 school bags (Taking turns to stare out the window so we didn’t chuck up our fried rice from motion sickness on the windy road!). We arrived and handed out the school bags, the children all had shy smiles and were very keen on seeing what was in their bags and trying them on, it was awesome to see how stoked they were and eager to wear their bags straight away! While the children played with all their new gifts we talked with Ayu and Anas from the Bali Children’s project as well as several of the parents. Then we wanted to play too! At first the children were a little shy but they soon warmed to us and we played games of jaxx and drew chalk pictures, blew bubbles and covered each other in stickers. We had several sheets of animal stickers and had a wonderful time practising our animals sounds which of course are universal, as is the fact that a grown up calling “ooh ooh aah aah” and acting like a silly monkey is pretty much guaranteed to make children giggle across any language barrier. All too soon it was time to for us to go as we had to race back to Denpasar for our flight. We are already looking forward to our next visit whenever that may be (hopefully soon!). In total Elephant Stripes’ Kickstarter Bag for Bag project raised funds to custom design and manufacture 120 school bags!THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a pack, contributed and supported us during the campaign, YOU ROCK!

Links of interest:
The Kickstarter campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/677601707/the-worlds…

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