Get a Handle on Acne Scarring

Oh no! You spot a pimple. You instantly get into action mode trying to blast it before it grows. Of course that doesn’t work. So now, it’s day two and it’s a full-blown pimple. You try your best not to pick at it but let’s get real. When most people break out, they suddenly become a “DIY dermatologist.” They do whatever is necessary to get rid of the pimple. This typically does more harm than good and oftentimes leads to acne scarring. Adult acne is a cycle of break out, scar, and heal repeated again and again. So now what? What do you do to get rid of the scars?

We spoke to the husband/wife team, Drs. Michael and Jeanmarie Connor, who combined their medical expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery in the face and neck as well as pediatrics to create Scarology®, a 3-step treatment system with hospital grade ingredients for various kinds of new and existing scars.

“Acne scarring is a common problem and not everyone has the money to invest in laser resurfacing and other medical treatments. They also don’t have the time to get away from work to see their dermatologist about a pimple. They self treat and thus, self scar,” explains Dr. Jeanmarie Connor.

Dr. Mike Connor adds that there are three different kinds of acne scars. “Hyperpigmentation scars are the darker spots on the skin that appear brown, red or even purple, depending on how dark the skin is. The second type of scars is an atrophic scar. These appear deeper like a pockmark. The last scar type appears as raised bumps on the skin’s surface and are known as hypertrophic scars.”

Understanding the different kinds of scars can help you navigate scar treatments. There’s a lot available but it can be very costly. According to the National Association of Plastic Surgery, the national average for laser skin resurfacing is between $1100 to about $2200 and that doesn’t include medications and any additional treatments that are typically necessary for optimal results.

There’s also a common skin goal of many women – to ditch the foundation, concealer and powder. They would love to be able to leave the house wearing only moisturizer, mascara, and lip-gloss. So what do you do to heal acne scars when you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in facials and peels?

Drs. Michael and Jeanmarie Connor were asked this same question time and time again from their patients who wanted a recommendation for an over-the-counter scar treatment that was safe and effective for kids and adults and one that could be used on any type of scar anywhere on the body. They couldn’t suggest anything on the market so in the absence of a solution; they created one, Scarology.

Dr. Michael Connor explains that the over the counter remedies you’ll find at drugstores primarily contain either silicone or onion extract alone. “Scarology’s scar cream, is unique because it is formulated with 4 key ingredients that until now, have never been combined together in an over-the-counter cream. Scarology is also different because it contains a daily fruit exfoliator gel that is essential to scar healing. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and allows new healthy skin cells to form which leads to optimal scar healing results.”

Acne scarring is a challenge for both men and women. We recommend that you nip it in the bud from the beginning by starting a scar treatment remedy early on.

About Drs. Michael and Jeanmarie Connor: Based in Palm Beach, Florida, Dr. Michael and Jeanmarie Connor are the husband and wife MD team who invented Scarology. ® They have a combined twenty years of medical expertise specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery in the face and neck as well as pediatrics.

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