Are you Biased? What Does it Mean to ‘”Play the Woman Card?”

What does it mean to say one is “playing the woman card?”  Is that expression a male privilege?

As the primaries get even more heated, critics (of everything and anything) continue to hide behind social media, employers judge incoming candidates and parents call out other parents on their kids playing fields, Denver-based Rosalie Chamberlain examines privilege-bias and fear-bias in America in her upcoming book, Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time.  In it, she also explains that we broadcast our intentions and values every day, whether or not we’re aware that we are doing this. And, we’re more successful in work and life when we are aware of our patterns, fears, biases, triggers and unhealthy ego choices. For example, Chamberlain can help your audience identify behaviors that motivate, inspire and create prejudice in their life.  Try taking the quiz below and see if you are biased and sharing it with your audience to open up the conversation.  Further, she can help your audience understand:

·       What is privilege and rankism

·       How to understand your major identity markers

·       Ways to examine how privilege manifests

·       How to stop categorizing and end defensiveness

·       How to make our unconscious biases conscious

Rosalie has extensive expertise with strategies and programs on conscious leadership, conflict resolution, effective communication, team dynamics, cross-cultural dynamics, team effectiveness and taking charge of your career and navigating through corporate culture.  She helps leaders and individuals become self-aware, and drill down to discover who they really are and what it is that they truly value.


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