A Teen From Noosa Is Set To Change The Way We View Time

Josh Squire is just 19 but he’s challenging us to leave our phones in our pockets.  After a year of concept and design Josh has founded watch brand “Halley”.  The unique single-handed watches launched onto the market just over a week ago and reviewers are already labelling it the world’s most affordable mono handed watch.

“Australian’s are living frantically to each and every minute. With smart phones, instant messaging and social media 24/7, we’ve lost that laid-back spirit we were once known for. I wanted to change that,” said Josh.

Halley NOOSA

Single-handed watches although unique are not entirely new.  The first ever watch built in Germany in 1530 AD had just one hand. It was prized as the most noble of possessions, a piece of art for your wrist. It wasn’t until the end of the 17th century that minute hands began to appear. For so long, time was viewed by the hour, now it was by the minute. The mindset of the people changed. The prestige of a timepiece, a piece of jewelry, was gone.  The watch had become a shackle to your job – a worker’s tool. The Grandfather Clock era brought about a third hand – the seconds. A negative perception of time grew. The ticking second hand was used to bring a tensed atmosphere to theatre shows. The exact time brought about by these two intruding hands became synonymous with work, schedules and deadlines. The true essence of the very first watch had become spoilt.

Halley Watch (Unique Single Handed Watch)

Josh says, “Watches were intended to bring a sense of joy, a sense of freedom. At Halley, we aim to bring that back. Our watches are stylish, light, comfortable and unisex and you can tell the time at a glance.  The sweeping hand shows the rotation of the hour and minutes, all in one.  If it’s pointing at the 5th hour mark, it’s 5 o’clock.  If it’s pointing at the 6th hour mark, it’s 6 o’clock.  If it’s half way between the five and six, it’s 5:30. Simple! Instead of operating in exact numbers, your brain will subconsciously register a “feel” for what the time is.  It might take a day or two to retrain your brain but you’ll love the simplicity and uncomplicated style of Halley.”

Josh believes Halley is the only single handed watch brand in Australia. Up until now only European brands offered the mono style.  As part of Josh’s marketing strategy he has recruited some of the worlds leading instagrammers as brand ambassadors and already Halley watches are being shipped across Australia and around the world.

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