Poster Art Contest Sponsored by Pushing Daizies, Inc.

Pushing Daizies, Inc. the non-profit behind Zombicon is holding a Stop The Violence poster contest open to all high school students in the Lee County area.

Intention and Purpose:

To educate and create change in our community through the creativity of our youth. “We want to actively engage our youth to find creative ways to express themselves and make their feelings known,” states founder Janet DeMarco. “Sparking this generation to embrace and create active change; we do not have to accept violence in our lives or community. We can encourage and honor those who are sparking conversations. We are embodying artists as activists.”

Schools are encourage to display all submissions created by their particular school in addition to the winning posters to continue conversations on how to effectively and creatively deal with the violence issues within our world community.

With the use of social media to help start the conversation, with the hashtag of #ExpressYourselfWithArtNotViolence and #PushingDaizies, should the schools have social media they use or the students and families themselves wanting to share their creations, it is strongly encouraged. Pushing Daizies, Inc and their partners are  happy to share the posts as well.


  • Open to all high school students within the Lee County School District
  • Must have a daisy included in the design
  • Theme is Stop the Violence
    • This can be in the form of bullying, cyber bullying, verbal abuse, etc. This can be from a community to a worldwide issue
    • The theme must be part of the design, either in words (if not placed in words it will be added to the bottom of the poster) or conveyed in a messaged through the artists’ creativity
    • The hashtag #expressyourselfthroughartnotviolence will be incorporated at the bottom of each poster
    • Poster size is 11″ x 17″
  • Rubric to be supplied by organizer
  • Teachers at each school will send the two best pieces for judging by panel based on the rubric supplied by the organizer

Sample Poster created by Tim Smith


  • Invitations were sent to school art teachers on March 22nd
  • Response from schools requested by April 10th please send acceptance to
  • Digital submission of finished pieces by midnight EST on April 17th to
  • Judges make decision by April 25th
  • Winners will be announced the first week in May


These prizes will be split between the student and the winning school:

(1) for the students to engage and support their artistic abilities, and (2) the school for their art program.

  • Grand Prize – Overall Winner $1,000
  • 1st runner up – $500
  • 2nd runner up – $300
  • Honorable Mention – $200

More Information:

The winning posters will be duplicated and available for sale. All proceeds from the sale of the posters will go to Pushing Daizies, Inc. to help support their continued support of art and music in our local community by actively engaging our youth to express themselves through art. Schools and winners will be gifted to schools and winners.

About Pushing Daizies, Inc.

Pushing DaiZies, Inc. is a collection of local artists and creative individuals who volunteer their time and offer their creative skills to the southwest Florida community. The concept was created in 2007 and we obtained our 501c3 status in 2011. Pushing DaiZies, Inc. strives to “spread the virus” of fun filled and unique happenings to the local community where the spectator becomes the spectacle. Monies raised go to sending local kids to art and music camps, as well as creating art experiences by bringing “Hands On” fun to various local events. We work towards keeping the arts alive in our SWFL community. Our motto “Til Death Do Us ART” says it all. Founder Janet DeMarco states, “We provide art experience in all forms in a non-judgmental environment. We encourage interactive community creativity and promote art education among southwest Florida youth through music and local art programs. Our focus is to give all children the opportunity to explore art.”


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