Are You a Blogger?

Having recently joined the ranks of bloggers, I have come across quite a few.  Most recently, Bloggy Moms caught my attention.  They are having their annual conference in September.

Bloggy Conference emerged in 2011 as an extension of the Bloggy Moms Network. The network and live events are designed with community and information as its cornerstone. Bloggy Conference exists to offer bloggers a new and continuously developing approach to growth, networking and education in our ever-changing social media world.

2013 was an exciting year for Bloggy Conference as the venue moved to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio! They’ve been returning to their beautiful shores since then! Why not take a little trip check out the Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point.


  • To provide real and useful information that will empower your social media longevity.
  • To help you build strong social media connections.
  • To provide real resources for generating an income online.
  • To help you gain perspective on your social media presence.
  • To help you set goals and find a clear path for achieving your dreams.
  • To provide support and resources in your areas of interest.

Who Should Attend?

Bloggy Conference is open to anyone with an interest in social media. We welcome the seasoned pro-blogger, novice and those just beginning to dip their toes into the vast sea of social media. We invite you for a time of learning, networking and cultivating your presence in the online community.


You Should Attend…

  • If you love gathering with other bloggers for a time of networking and fun!
  • If you are new to social media conferences and events.
  • If you enjoy writing and creating content.
  • If you would like to learn more about the social platforms bloggers use to engage their audience. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…)
  • If you would like to connect with other bloggers.
  • If you would like to learn how to generate an income from your blog and social media presence.
  • If your brand would like to connect with the online influencers of today.
  • If you would like to sharpen your social media skills.
  • If you would like to share your knowledge and experience.

Find registration information here.


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