Miss Colorado USA Joins Liberti to Empower U.S. Refugees with Launch of High-End Jewelry Collection on Indiegogo

Liberti is proud to announce Colorado’s own Caley-Rae Pavillard as the Brand Ambassador behind its <1% Collection.

Liberti’s high-end, handcrafted jewelry product line, <1% collection, which is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo, represents the less than one percent of refugees worldwide who are granted the ability to resettle in a new country. There are 14.4 million (and counting) refugees of concern around the world, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.


Born and raised in Castle Rock, Colorado, Caley-Rae was performing by the time she could walk. In 2015, not only did Caley-Rae, 22, graduate magna cum laude from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, with a double major in advertising and fashion, she was also crowned Miss Colorado USA 2016 this past October.

“It was this amazing combination of Caley’s marketing and fashion experience combined with her interest in digital marketing and her social voice for young women that made for a perfect fit for Liberti,” said Liberti founder, Pamela Norton-Shelpuk. “Caley represents the best qualities in socially conscious young women across our state as she has devoted so much of her time and talents supporting so many important issues.”liberti1

Caley will also directly involved with working together with Liberti’s designers and digital media team on developing some new inspired concepts and content for our <1% collection sold exclusively on Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the launch of the <1% movement and the opportunity to engage our community and nation on the importance of empowering and employing refugees in America,” said Pavillard. “It has had a profound impact on me and has helped me realize how my voice and the opportunities the crown provides to help raise awareness to this issue.”

Through their Indiegogo campaign, supporters have the opportunity to pre-order Liberti jewelry from the limited edition <1% collection at a discounted price or make a direct donation to the company.

Funds raised will support their apprenticeship program designed to onboard refugee employees as well as continued creation and production of jewelry collections.

With all aspects of the business including manufacturing, business operations and product sourcing based in the U.S., Liberti’s apprenticeship program aims to integrate refugee employees in all departments based on current skills, strengths and interests while providing on-the-job training and career building opportunities.

For more information on Liberti and to pre-order the <1% collection, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/liberti-jewelry-that-goes-beyond-its-beauty#/

About Liberti
Founded in 2015 in Denver, Colorado, Liberti is a mission-inspired lifestyle brand creating exquisite jewelry with a meaningful impact. With a unique business model and for-profit but mission-driven bottom line, Liberti aims to employ and empower U.S. refugees integrating them in all aspects of their American-operated business and providing on-the-job training and career building opportunities. The vision is to enable resettled refugees to truly become free to the live the American dream, and eventually, Liberti hopes to give all employees the opportunity to become shareholders in the business they’re helping to create.

Using exclusively ethically sourced and high-quality materials, Liberti is committed to creating products with American-made craftsmanship that are as sustainable and authentic as they are beautiful with the intention of spreading love and kindness in every unique piece. To learn more about Liberti, visit the website http://www.libertiusa.com and connect with Liberti on Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

The MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA®, and MISS TEEN USA® pageants provide a global platform for more than 10,000 women annually through dedicated partnerships with charities, sponsors, brands, franchisees and television networks around the world. Today the Miss USA pageant remains one of the largest providers of scholarships for women since the first pageant in 1952. However, with the onset of the new social media age the association is no longer just one of car-show super model or parade Grand Marshal but a platform for these women to have greater social impact and purpose than ever before.

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