Are You Ready for Zombi Season?

As summer is fading away, school is starting and we get ready for some cooler weather, we watch the impact of our ever loving zombies coming back to greet us with the awesome fear (and sometime hysterical laughter) for our favorite undeads and living flooding the airways and even local streets.


What will you be watching this zombi-season?

Will you join the largest gathering of zombies in Florida (and possibly the world) as a sponsor and partner of Zombicon: SWFL’s infamous and beloved charity street fest, the largest event in southwest Florida. Now in its 9th year, the event has grown from 700 attendees in 2007 to an estimated 25,000, with even more expected for 2015. Join existing partners Beasley Broadcasting, Bruno Air, Halloween Megastore, and MINI of Fort Myers who are already reaping the benefits of being seen by Zombicon’s loyal and ever-growing fanbase. By sponsoring the Zombicon charity event, your participation not only helps put on the show, but also ensures that Pushing Daizies (the 501c3) fulfills its mission of bringing not only art and music to the community, but also much needed blood, clothing, canned food, and bone marrow to those who desperately need it.

Contact Angeli Chin at angeli@zombicon for more information.

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