Voodoo Nightmare Brings in 23,000 People to Downtown Fort Myers

pushingDaiziesJanet DeMarco, President of Pushing DaiZies, Inc. is pleased to announce the eighth annual ZombiCon held in downtown Fort Myers on October 18th was a fantastic success. “Voodoo Nightmare” saw over 23,000 people shuffling, moaning, laughing, eating and dancing through the streets of downtown Fort Myers. With a suggested donation of five dollars per person (children 10 and under were admitted for free), preliminary results show the event collected approximately $80,000 with an average of 2.75 out of every five people entering the event donating to the charity. After city services and other expenses are paid, the proceeds remaining will go towards Pushing DaiZies mission of making the art and music experience more obtainable to everyone in our community, and of course bringing more Zombi-Awesomeness to the area, including the 30th anniversary of “Day of the Dead” in 2015.

In addition, over 500 pounds of non-perishable food was collected for the Gladiolus Food Pantry, 199 people were seen at the Lee Memorial Blood Bank and they collected 133 units of life saving blood and multiple sign ups for bone marrow donation.

“Now that we have all awoken from the Voodoo Nightmare, we can express our immense gratitude to our local community. Your generosity keeps us inspired to bring you bigger and greater events. A special heartfelt thank you to our Z-Core team: Jason Fleenor, Angeli Chin, Christopher Fous, Rachel Telfor, Judy Grippo, Bob Lucas, Marc Hawkins, Cory Walker, Renda Bea, and Kimberly Haberkorn. Your passion, dedication and countless hours volunteered is beyond remarkable. To our over 100 other wonderful Zombicon8volunteers, without you this event could not have been possible,” shared DeMarco.

“Although this is not a city sponsored event, like Bike Night, Art Walk and Music Walk, we would like to thank the City of Fort Myers for working with Pushing DaiZies to keep bringing this phenomena to the people of southwest Florida and beyond. Thank you to all our participating businesses and sponsors for this event. You make it amazing year after year.”

On Friday, October 31, 2014, DeMarco will announce the winners of the Swamp Monster sculpture contest at Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts located at 6740 Panther Lane in Fort Myers. In addition, a check for $1,000 will be presented to Tim Smith, the art director who inspired his National Art Honor Society students to create these magnificent creatures. The eight sculptures displayed and specifically created for ZombiCon 8 were “The Fonz” by Azlyn Patterson and Jacob Nenniger; “Mushroom Zombie” by Vladmir Brown; “The Bride with Two Heads” by Haley Keller and Camryn Marver; “Jesus” by Adrian Cruz; “Hippe with Paisley” by Chloe Pallack and Nolan Nowak; “Stumpy” by Valerie Henrandez; and “Creature of the Night” by Kira Schargodorski.

The eighth annual Dark Art Show, which showcases local and national artists, will continue throughout the month of October at Tincture Gallery located at 1412 Dean Street, Suite 100 in downtown Fort Myers. Pushing DaiZies has started the planning stages for ZombiCon 9 and our other signature fundraising events including Los Muertos coming May 2015; free art and music classes for the community taught by members of our board and other exciting events.

Pushing DaiZies, Inc. is a collection of local artists and creative individuals who give their time and offer their creative skills to the southwest Florida community. The concept was created in 2007 and then they obtained their 501c3 status in 2011. Pushing DaiZies, Inc. strives to “spread the virus” of fun filled and unique happenings where the spectator becomes the spectacle in their feature fundraising events throughout southwest Florida. Monies raised go to sending our local youth to art and music camps as well as keeping the arts alive in our southwest Florida community. Their motto “Til Death Do Us ART” says it all.

Sponsorships and volunteer opportunities are available for future events. For more information please visit www.pushingdaizies.org or visit us on Facebook.

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