ZombiCon All Access Fast Passes Available October 3rd

Get your fast pass during Art Walk in downtown Fort Myers


Get your advance all access fast pass to the long anticipated ZombiCon 8 – Voodoo Nightmare being held in downtown Fort Myers on October 18, 2014. Advance fast passes will be available starting October 3, 2014 for $10 each. This provides entrance to ZombiCon and into the themed feature area called “The Swamp”. With your advance fast pass purchase, you get immediate access and no waiting in line through a specific fast pass entrance.

Fast passes may be purchased starting October 3rd at the following locations:

  • Tincture Gallery located at 1412 Dean Street, Suite 100, downtown Fort Myers
  • Halloween Megastore located at 5120 S Cleveland Ave in Fort Myers
  • Halloween Megastore 2 located at 9903 Gulf Coast Main Street, Suite 120 in Fort Myers
  • The Toots Dollar Store located at 2256 1st St, downtown Fort Myers
  • Pushing DaiZies, Inc. table at Art Walk, downtown Fort Myers

The 2014 theme is “Voodoo Nightmare”. Featured this year at Zombicon 8 – Voodoo Nightmare will be over 30 live performances on five stages, with our cabaret stage located at the Sidney Berne Davis Art Center. The Swamp is our theme-featured area and start of the Zombiwalk at 6 pm, located on Hendry Street between Bay and Edwards near the newly renovated water feature. Eight voodoo nightmare inspired sculptures will be on display for a silent auction provided by the students of Cypress Lake high school and original cast extra, Tim Smith who appeared in George Romero’s Day of the Dead filmed in our own beautiful downtown Fort Myers.


No coverage charge to The Swamp until 7:30 pm. At 7:30 a $5 cover applies with a $5 donation to Pushing DaiZies, Inc. or a $10 cover will apply. Entrance with an all access pass requires no additional cover charges. On the day of the event, without an all access pass, ZombiCon suggests a $5 donation for entrance to receive a special ZombiCon bracelet at six designated entry points. In partnership with the Gladiolus Food Bank, we are asking the public to bring a canned item to help feed our local community.

Pushing DaiZies, Inc. is hosting the Dark Art Show 8 during Art Walk on October 3, 2014. The Dark Art Show will showcase local and national artists during the entire month of October at Tincture Gallery located at 1412 Dean Street, Suite 100 in downtown Fort Myers.


“We provide art experience in all forms in a non-judgmental environment. We encourage interactive community creativity and promote art education among southwest Florida youth through music and local art programs,” states DeMarco. “Our focus is to give all children the opportunity to explore art.”

Pushing DaiZies, Inc. is a collection of local artists and creative individuals who volunteer their time and offer their creative skills to the southwest Florida community. The concept of Pushing DaiZies, Inc. was created in 2007 and then they obtained their 501c3 status in 2011. Pushing DaiZies, Inc. strives to “spread the virus” of fun filled and unique happenings where the spectator becomes the spectacle in their feature fundraising events throughout southwest Florida. Monies raised go to sending our local youth to art and music camps as well as keeping the arts alive in our southwest Florida community. Their motto “Til Death Do Us ART” says it all.

pushingDaiziesAll proceeds donated at ZombiCon this year will go towards moving Pushing DaiZies, Inc. forward in their goal of making art and music experience more obtainable to everyone, and of course bringing more Zombi-awesomeness to the area, including the 30th anniversary of “Day of the Dead” in 2015.

Sponsorships and volunteer opportunities are available. For more information please visit www.pushingdaizies.org, www.zombicon.com or visit us on Facebook.

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