Wk 3 – Response to Sean Forde & Sarah Howard

My response:


All I can say is “WOW”. You truly took this reading and embraced it. I don’t even know where to begin however I do agree with you that I as I was reading I had the same reaction. Nodding my head, agreeing and laughing out loud and knowing that I knew what I knew. It is amazing when we can have a publication that continues to us validation on ou thoughts, experiences and knowledge.

A quote by Ritu Ghatourey ~

“Always remember life is short, Live it. Love is rare, Grab it. Anger is bad, Let go of it. Fear plays with your mind, Face it. Memories are sweet, Cherish them.”

As we continue to walk on this journey, I am impressed with your reflections and what you have garnered thus far. Keep up the excellent work!


I was reading Sarah Howard’s post that Sean was reading but I must admit that I do appreciate both of these comments.  So I am combining the 2 into 1 here.

Sean’s Original Post

While reading through this weeks assigned chapters, the two chapters I really connected with were chapter 6 and 7. Chapter 6 was a major turning point within my life about 5 years ago, when going from wanting to be close to home and not wanting to leave Minnesota. To accepting a job in Arizona and having to be more open and free in order to enjoy the experiences that I was having. This has continued through my teaching career and life, which has only been magnified once moving out to Alaska. You can’t just sit back and waste away your experiences while living in such a beautiful and amazing place.

Chapter 7, can closely relate to teaching. Each year completed in teaching there comes points where you might want to just accept things for how they are, kids will be this way or that way, the sibling was trouble so he/she must be trouble, etc. When you start thinking and acting like this within the educational field, it begins to weaken the progress made in chapter 6. Each year, day, student, and class is completely different than the last and ones that will follow, so you must always keep an open mind and enjoy the journey as it goes.

Sarah’s Original Post

Week 3 Reading: I Knew It All Along!!

Before I begin this weeks post, I just want to say that I am loving this “non-textbook” textbook.  As we work through the chapters of the Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander, I have been nodding my head so much that I think I may be getting whiplash!  It is nice, when you see, or hear, or read something and are able to say to yourself…” See!!!!  I KNEW I was right!!”  when someone other than the little voices in your head are saying the exact same thing.  When there are words for what you secretly felt all along.  So…I’m not getting paid to plug the book…I just like it.  So I will move on:

Lets Get To It The


I really loved all of the chapters in this weeks reading.  They hit on so many important things that we either do, have done, have resigned ourselves to, have lost the sight for, or have completely given up on, but shouldn’t.  I will reflect though on the one I think underpins all of them.  Rule Number 6, and the Calculating and Central Self.  This chapter takes its title from a joke of sorts whose underlying theme is: don’t take yourself, or anything, too seriously.  This in itself is a worthwhile piece of advice.  I see so many people (and even myself from time to time) so caught up or wound around the axil about things that in the end, just plain don’t matter.  I have found in my experience that the key, and at the same time the tie that binds us to this state is the ability to let it go.  This chapter (although not really stating this point) I think indicates this through the examples of Rule No. 6.  Every story, every explanation ultimately ends with the individual(s) letting go of something and finally being able to move forward, be it a physical state, a preconceived notion,  or an external influence.

Ok….Thank You WordPress For Dumping All My Work After I Added An Image!  Sorry This Isn’t The Brilliance I Wrote An Hour Ago, But…

I had  several paragraphs on letting go, but as it is late and I must get this up, I will say this: letting go and not taking ourselves too seriously go hand in hand.  When we have an experience, we may hold on to it and never truly learn the lessons it was meant to teach.  We may just replay them over and over without really moving forward.  We just carry the baggage forward with us.  When we truly leg go, truly laugh at ourselves for being in despair over missing the meeting, we are able to separate the lesson from the experience and we move forward equipped with the wisdom to know what to do “next time”.  It is the battle between our calculating self who tells us to “hold on” to our experience and never let it go, keep reliving it over and over, and the central self who says “let go, but don’t forget what you learned along the way”.

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