Feedback to Leadership Project

Reply from Jennifer Tuttle:


Your paper is very professional and your Action Research project is very well done.
  • On page 5 after the title page the title, “Social Media” needs to be bold and then the first line needs  to not be indented.
  • I liked the student’s comments.  It adds a personal touch to the Action Research numbers and data.
  • Your last thoughts put a smile on my face as it brings back all the struggles we had but overall I still think we came out on top.
Nice job on your paper and your project.  My students definitely were enriched by your project and boy did we learn a thing or two  🙂

Reply from Carol Satta:

I looked over your paper. The formatting is very clear. Love the abstract and index at the beginning. I know that Prof. Bustillos gave Jesse the feedback to not use the subtitle “conclusion” in the middle of the document. The readers think they are at the end of the document when they see it, so Prof. B. suggested taking it out or renaming it.
Do you have a journal in mind? Do you know what the word count is for this document and what they are looking for? As it stands now, I think you’d want to aim for a scholarly journal.
Who would be your target audience? I started out copying and pasting from my lit review and AR blog just like you. However, I went with a practical journal so I cut out and quickly summarized a lot of the information to make it more readable and to make it fit into the word count.
You practice what you preach about communication. It’s the perfect topic for you. I wish you the best in finding a suitable venue for publication!

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