Wk1-Leadership Project

Present or Publish?

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As I registered for my first classes in my Master’s program for Educational Media Design and Technology, I was teaching continuing education classes at a local state college, as well as, working full time at another college so I thought “Great!! Design (my passion), technology (BONUS!) and media (need I say more?) what am AWESOME fit!”

 Within 2 weeks I was laid off both positions and found myself freelancing once again.

What Now?

Now working as a marketing director with a local PR, marketing and publishing company I have found myself in the precarious situation of no longer being a teacher, unlike the 97% of my classmates. Finding students was a tremendous undertaking.  My Action Research project led me to work fully online distantly in Nampa, ID with a fellow classmate.  What a fabulous experience.


My dilemma has been to publish without trying to explain my classmates influence and assistance, leaves quite a bit out, same with a presentation.  So, in discussion with Professor Bustillos, Jennifer Tuttle and I, it was decided that we could and should publish or present together.  As distance is still the issue, publishing seems to be more plausible solution.  Ms. Tuttle and I would not have to worry about meeting a specific destination (unless we could do it virtually and give a real world example of how that would work…hmmm).

Next Step

The next step is to find a place to publish to.  Ms. Tuttle and I would create our publication but be completely specific on our individual projects and then how working together we were to come to where we are now.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Wk1-Leadership Project

  1. It’s going to be great. I’m so glad that you stepped up and were able to create a great collaboration with Jennifer.


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