Month 8

What changed in your set up from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2?

In Cycle 1, I started implementing Edmodo and Cacoo for the class in Nampa, ID. For Cycle 2, I will be adding Asana to help the students track their progress for their group projects.

What’s happening that you did not expect?

I did not expect to have such time management issues in keeping the timelines orginally outlined.  With unexpected school closings and having to change my Action Research Group, it has been a little hectic in trying to get everything coordinated.  Technology set up with the school bureaucracy very interesting.

How are you tracking data differently?

I am using the surveys, taking notes, tracking emails and doing the pre-tests.  I am not tracking data differently.

How have the concepts and techniques presented in FPE contributed to your capstone project?

I lam so pleased to have taken this course.  Utilizing visual metaphors, the impact of music and camera angles have been very influnctial.  I learned many new video editing techniques.  I also learned how I can improve my future filming and script writing endeavors.

One thought on “Month 8

  1. It is great to see cycle 1 completed and cycle 2 is underway. Be sure that cycle 2 is completed within the next few weeks. You will be reporting cycle 1 in month 9 week 1 and cycle 2 in month 10 week 1. But as you have experienced expect the unexpected, be flexible and adapt. When reporting be sure to use the AR informational site and follow the website requirements. When reporting, be very clear, the summary should explain what happened beginning, middle and end. The data should report the results of what happened it must be connected to make sense. The goal is the reader should not have any questions.


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