The ADDIE Process & Data Collection

The ADDIE process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate) helped me fully conceptualize how my implementation process would start.  By using the ADDIE process, I really could

  • pinpoint what group I needed to use
  • what I wanted them to be able to achieve
  • how I would implement
  • show exactly what it is I did
  • what it is they did
  • what was learned
  • the measurable outcomes on the backend.


The learning outcome of this Capstone Project is to enable people to become digital collaborators regardless of time or space.  As I discussed with other classmates, I truly enjoyed utilizing everything I have learned in project management with the ADDIE process as it helped it flow and stopped any creep that may have occurred.

Tracking the data will include initial surveys  given based on digital technology the group is familiar with and if they have worked in collaboration before. The survey will be given in a Google Doc that will export information to an Excel spreadsheet grouped by answers given by participants.


Post surveys will be given asking details on technology used as well as their perspective in doing collaborative work in a digital and distance format. There will also be some observational checklists and notes taken on how the group is performing together transcribed into a Word document for analysis.


Through my measurable outcomes, these students will be able to show whether they were able to utilize online collaboration and brainstorming software to become more active and involved in a group.  With the use of Asana and the pre- and post- survey and quizzes will show they were able to assign, accept and complete tasks to completion.


I am looking forward to working with this group and seeing my project in action.

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