Month 4 – TMD – Data Collection

Ahhh, month 4 here so soon.

As I am going through the trials and tribulations of my Literature Review, I do have to turn my attention to the Action Research.  Action research, action research.  Specifically, I need to start considering what types of data I plan on collecting.  As effective communication is what I am attempting to research, having a way of collecting and analysing my data is paramount.  How will these effect me and my target audience and the setting I will be utlizing?


With the use of Survey Monkey (or something similar), I wil be able to question and collect data from the Youth Group on how intially they could improve communications and after using the suggested or most prevelant ones, how they felt it improved, lessened or didn’t change the course of dialouge or communication.


In the interaction of my research subjects, I will be taking field notes of specific projects undertaken, what forms of communication were used.  I will also utlize inter techniques as well as document through video and still photography many of the things we will undertake.

Measure and Report 

Through comparative analysis, from the notes take, interviews screened and survey collected as well as testimonials and final thoughts from the participants, I will encapsulate them in graphs, charts and paper that conscisely and effectively report any findings or conculsions I come to.