iMovie 11 Essential Training in

How I wish I had these tutorials before submitting all my videos!!  Through trial and error I was able to do a half decent attempt at creating and editing videos, however after viewing these fabulous tutorials, I am amazed at how much more organized and more creative I could have been.

Organization is Key

In several of my posted videos, I have used video or stills from different sources that have been placed in an event.  However, within the specific events that iMovie helps me create, is a jumbled mix of long mostly useable video.  What I was unaware of was that I could mark my videos in different aspects or when they were marked, there was a significance I didn’t know. The tool bar is quite useful in this instance.

  • Used in a project – the portions that you have used in a project are marked in orange.  This tells you in advance the clips you have used
  • Favorites – looking through clips, you can mark sections of them as favorites or good quality video that you may want to use in your project.  These are marked in green using the darkened star
  • Rejects – filming can be quite interesting, you may have a lot of footage you don’t want.  You can mark this footage by selecting (clicking and dragging) and pressing the “x” button and they will be marked in red and remove from your favorites and unmarked section (by default) and placed in the reject section for easier deletion is necessary
  • Keywords – applying keywords to your clips makes it easier  to find specific sections of your original clip. These clips that have keywords are marked with a purple bar.  These can be placed by using the “key” on the toolbar.  Also specific is finding people within your clip, which iMovie can automatically detect for you (similar to iPhoto).  However, this looks for faces more so than body parts, you can do this by going to “File”, “Analyze Video”, then “People”.

  • Using the advance tools – you can automatically mark sections as favorites, rejects or remove such designations.

I am looking forward to learning more and seeing how I can further advance my skills in iMovie.

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