BP10_Commenting & Linking

Educator Studio 

Attention, Attention!!

You must simply check out this resource.  Working in collaboration with other students at Full Sail, as well as innovators and explorers of technology, here lies a valuable resource at your fingertips.

In a follow-up to my friend and classmate Jennifer Tuttle, she implement the use of Voki in her classroom.  There is a lesson plan listed there along with her thoughts and reflections on how this technology worked with her advisory class.  After viewing her initial post and subsequent publishing to Educator Studio, I introduced my children to the application and they were completing enthralled with it.  Check it out http://educatorstudio.com/lessons/one-voki-two-vokis-three-vokis-more


A second fellow classmate of mine used an interesting idea – utilizing the iPad and Storybird to help her children become engaged in their home environment and create something that they call their own.  I was intrigued on how this could be used in the classroom.  I encourage you to check this out as well http://educatorstudio.com/lessons/storytelling-move#comment-606.


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