BP9 Reflection

My oh my oh my!!

This was an incredible journey filled with unexpected difficulties and surprises.

First, I would like to thank my fellow classmate, Jennifer Tuttle for taking this journey with me and offering her class in Nampa, ID for me to “experiment” on.

Secondly, thank you 7th period, 7th grade Advisory class for your openness, welcoming and enthusiasm as we embarked on this little journey together.

Now onto the journey

I would say if you are going to try implementing any of the tools I researched (MindNode, Cacoo, Sketchpad for Google Hangouts) allow yourself ample time to test and debug any issues ahead of time, allowing time for more research, calibration and testing in all environments. Also, expect the unexpected – technology has a way of failing — be prepared with a Plan B, C, D and so on.  Thinking on your feet with a calm demeanor goes a long way!

Difficulties encountered

  • MindNode is a Mac format and when discussing if we could use it with the class, the school was using Windows which MindNode does not support.
  • After doing some additional research, I can upon Cacoo which could be used in Google Hangouts.  Ms. Tuttle and I decided to test out the applications before we used them in the class.  From 11 am until we worked with the class we encountered many issues.
    • Internet kept freezing and not allowing for consistent flow of communication – this may have been due to Ms. Tuttle using her cell phone as a hotspot and when she received an email or text, the service would lag or stop
    • At times the Cacoo would not allow us to work simultaneously and therefore the lag time for the work tested would not show on each other’s screens.  We would have to stop and restart/reboot the system
    • The calibration and software were not downloaded on the SmartBoard and therefore we needed to wait for the download to complete
    • Calibration was still off as we did not have time to effectively make that happen
  • The class entered the room and I was already present on Google Hangouts.  The students could see me although my lighting seemed to have been a bit dark.


  • As we began working in the collaborative environment, we encountered some of the same issues as listed above to the point where I could not see what they were doing and they couldn’t see what I was doing either
  • The students were using the Smartboard for the very first time and were unfamiliar with the format
  • As we timed out, we began using SketchPad for Google Hangouts and were able to collaborate rather well.


  • I was still excited about trying Cacoo, so the following week I came back to the class, using Google Hangouts for live conversation instead of a chat format, and going directly through the Cacoo website for the collaboration.  This worked rather well and the students enjoyed themselves.


Initially, my thoughts on reflection were to be:

  • Was this an easily accessible format?
  • Did the program provide the learning experience needed?
  • Was there active participation?
  • Were they excited about using the application?
  • Was there collaboration and encouragement from the group?
  • What obstacles appeared in utilizing the software?
  • Were objectives met?
  • What could be improved upon?

The format was easily accessible and to work with, however, it would have needed more time to work out all the technological issues we had. I do feel the application/program provided the learning experience needed.  The students were able to collaborate with my in a distance format as well as with each other. There was great active participation with the students, not only did they take turns coming up to the smartboard or computer, but they also helped one another during this exercise.

From the student’s perspective I have posted their reflections below based on the following reflection questions given to them:

  • How did you feel about collaborating together as a group?
  • Did you like what we did?
  • How do you feel your time was spent using the software?
  • Did you like using this type of brainstorming?
  • Do you think you will use this again?
  • How will you use this?

Alex B

YES!!  Can I do it again! It was fun I found it use full.

Felicia W

It was nice, it would really help me because I have a hard time remembering stuff I do and say. I would so use this at home because it’s fun and exiting.  Yes I would use this out side because friends and I are always looking for a good website to talk and work on homework so this really going to help in many situations. My mom works in an office so maybe me and my mom can work and talk. So really I am going to love this site.

Josh W.

Great, I would love to use this again. Yes, I found this very useful.

 Lashell A.

I liked this assignment, it was really cool.  Working as a team was fun, I always enjoy it. I would definitely use this outside of this room. I liked this online service just wished I could seen Mrs. Chin better. Want to learn to do this some more.

 Matthew S

 I didn’t like it because it wasn’t helpful google was like oh we are going to make people pay for bad survace! But if it was free I would use it sometimes if it wassend do bad. But I just didn’t enjoy this period all that well. I also don’t like that all we do with our teacher that all we do it dumb old typing time.

 Nicole B.

I observed this program during my class time in Mrs.Tuttle’s class, and I watched everyone try it out. I really love this program and how it worked and was pretty easy to use! I like how I could physically talk to another person while doing this project. I’m pretty sure I could use this in the future! Even though we had a bunch of small problems, it was still very fun and I had a really good time messing around with this tool! If I can in the future, I’d love to use this again!

Riley W.

I liked the fact that we did it in front of people because then if you’re feeling a little shy you don’t have to get up and speak in front of everyone and speak. It was also nice because you got more answers because it was a group. I will most definitely use it soon. It will help me in many ways like with homework and with things at home.

Shayla W.

Yes, I  liked this tools and would like to use it again.

Tanna D.

I liked brainstorming as a team because I felt like if someone else said something it helped me think of something. Also I felt like I wasn’t doing all this stuff on my own. What I didn’t like about this project is what we did the brainstorming on. I don’t like astronomy and so that wasn’t very fun for me. But I did like that we did it on the smart board so everyone could see it. And I liked how we could all talk to Angeli Chin and speak with her about the stuff we were doing.

Cristofer E.

Good, yah I liked talking out and sharing my ideas. I like using the tool for brainstorming I would like to use this tool again

Savanna F.

Really good I liked it and I would like to use it again in my other classes.


 Zane L

It was easy and useful yes I would on doing assignments

Jordan M

I like it because I dont have to do all the work and we get to share the ideas.

Neely M

I liked it because it feels like you aren’t doing all the work & you do it with other ideas. I don’t like to work like this outside because you don’t have to think

Marcus R

I liked how we all acted as a team and we got to know all the things in space. Then I liked how we got to use the smart board and see the pictures and see what kind of things in space that goes together. If I had to choose to use this again I would definitely use this again


Dear Angeli,

You didn’t see me but I saw the project and stuff and it was cool. I wasn’t part of the team but even listening was fun. And I think I might use it for a project at school. it would be cool to use it and print it for the science fair to compare things. I would like to do something like this again. It was really fun. Thanks!  : )

Sincerely, Louisa J.

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