BP6 RILS Cacoo Fun

Fun with Cacoo

What a fun way to pass some time!  I initially started using the Cacoo by myself, then I asked my 16-year-old to join me and collaborate with me.  His ideas were fun to incorporate and play with.  I decided to use images in a mind map to show what Cacoo can do.

Adding features

As I was somewhat limited on what some of the stencils available I went to the Cacoo store and “purchased” some stencils, which under a single license user were free.


I was able to create my own lines with curvatures and end on each point with colors!  Talk about coloring.  I had so much fun doing this and became more and more excited.  Even though this was done as simple demonstration of what Cacoo is capable of I was not only having fun, but more and more ideas were coming to me on how this tool could be used in so many environments.

The Catch….

After creating my masterpiece, I went to export it as a PDF and then BOOM! Well it turns out in order to export multiple layers or in any other format other than PNG, you need to subscribe to the application. Please see the below screen shot on what was offered.


Granted, this application service is not that expensive and totally warrants the cost if you are working with teams on a consistent basis.  However for my purposes, the free basic service is fine.  I probably will not have more than 15 people on a team collaborating with me and if we get to 15 sheets, saving and exporting the created ones will allow us to delete finished ones.

Finished Product

Hope you enjoy the finished project.  I invite you to check out Cacoo, play around with what’s available and let me know what you think!  Happy drawing!!

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