BP1 Protopage PLE



In reviewing several dashboards and really seeing a similarity with all of them, I decided on Protopage.  Here is what my preliminary dashboard looks like.


Protopage allows you to:

  • develop and customize widgets
  • add calendars
  • follow feeds
  • develop and customize lists
  • keep track of projects
  • create multiple tabs which can help different aspects of your life in order

I found Protopage relatively easy to use although setting it all up is quite time consuming, which is the same for any of these applications.  I love the idea that this application syncs with my mobile devices so I am able to access my information without needing my computer to do so.  The ability to edit, add and maniuplate from my mobile devices makes this an easy tool.  As things change in out lives, it is easy to access my information and adjust as I need to.

There is a customizable search engine that links to

  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon
  • WedMd
  • and more

As you find more areas you would liek to search, you can add or take away as needed.


Find out more with the Protopage News Blog

The idea of having a blog which keeps the users up-to-date is a great one.  I find some interesting topics that I will explore.  As I become more comfortable with the application, I can see putting away the several applications I am currently using and incorporating everything together here as it is intended to be used.

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