Tropical Storm Isaac

He has come and gone from Southwest Florida and with much dismay, my children stayed home from school today, Monday August 27th, with the constant remarks “It rained harder last week!!” of which I had to agree with them.

Knowing that we live in Florida, have experienced Charlie, Ivan, Katrina and a few other storms, I am extremely grateful that precautions were taken however, were we a little over anxious on the whole situation?

When my children came home from school on Friday, the official word was that parents/care givers were to tune into the local news on Monday morning by 5 am to see if the schools would be open.  I thought that was playing it a little too close and did call the district say if there was the threat of a major storm heading for our area, wouldn’t most people be out of town.

Ten short hours after my telephone call, all parents recieved telephone calls and emails stating that school would be closed on Monday until further notice based on the events of Tropical Storm Isaac.  Now you would think my children would have jumped for joy, but considering they have had 1.5 weeks of school and were looking forward to a four-day weekend for a hurricane make-up day in the future, I can understand their wanting to be in school, especially since doing chores at home is not the most desirable thing in their world.

As it turns out, we have had stronger winds and rains in the proceeding weeks.  It was quite a letdown in a way.  An event, such as a tropical storm, can bring about some excietment and anticipation.  Knowing that Isaac wasn’t supposed to be stronger than a Category 1 Hurricane also helped.

So this evening as I place my children in their beds, I tell them to count their blessings and know that all is well and we have survived Tropical Storm Isaac. I think of it as the test run of possible storms to come.

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